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Operation Manual of V220 Remote Control Automatic Door Opener

I Survey
V220 remote control automatic door opener is mainly applied to drive translatory door, free flex door and overturning door. And it can also be used as low-speed drive motion source for direct dragging.
V220 remote control automatic door opener using 220v single-phase alternating current, it has big starting moment; worm wheel and worm can be conveniently disentangled in power cut, and has dual functions of friction protection and electronic protection. And wireless remote control set can also be added to and realize remote control door opening (closing) within radius of 100m.
V220 remote control automatic door opener is a high-tech product of mechanism, electrics and optics, finely processed. It has high transmission efficiency, precise and reliable control system and superb secret keeping and guarding against theft functions.
V220 operation manual of remote control automatic door opener takes translatory door and free flex door as example to illustrate.

II Descriptions
1¡¢ Power Resource£ºAC220V£¬50Hz
2¡¢ Gear£¨chain wheel£©rotate speed£º48r/min
3¡¢ Opening£¨closing£©speed£º12m/min
4¡¢ Output Moment£º£¾18Nm
5¡¢ Working environmental temperature£º-30¡æ¡«40¡æ
6¡¢ Net weight£º17Kg

III Structure

1¡¢Pressure regulating copper screw
3¡¢Special motor
4¡¢Friction plate
6¡¢Worm wheel
8¡¢Separating screw
9¡¢Nylon tooth-like clutch
10¡¢Shifting gear
As above chart illustrated, this machine is composed of parts and components such as oil-immersed special motor, worm wheel, worm and shifting gear, special motor-drive-worm, worm-drive-worm wheel and shifting gear (chain wheel), shifting gear-drive-shifting rack.
As chart 1 illustrated, motor drives worm 5 in motion through friction plate 4. Pressure on the friction board can be regulated by pressure regulating copper screw 1 and spring 2. Adjust screw 1 according to different opening force. When opening encounters obstacle, friction plate 4 can automatically skid to prevent motor burning out due to stifled rotating, providing safety protection function.
Worm wheel 6 drive shifting gear 10 (chain wheel) through nylon tooth-like clutch 9 When clutch in the state of joggling, shift gear 10 and worm wheel 6 will be turning at the same time, so as to realize electric opening and closing. In power cut, you can use disentangling key 7 to turn separating screw 8, disentangle nylon tooth-like clutch 9, so as to open and close door by hand.

IV Connection Method for Opener Control System Please Refer to Control Box Manual
V Installation and Operation in Translatory Door
1¡¢ Basic functions of door opener are opening or closing translatory door as chart 2 illustrated. Electric control system is installed in the entrance room. Telecontrol receiver connected with electric control box, that's to say, control can be realized both by button pushing or wireless remote control through controller. It's very easy to operate.
2¡¢ Slipping orbit for translatory door made of 60X60 angle iron, installed as chart 3 illustrated. By this means, impact of vehicle passing by can be reduced and also convenient for cleaning earth and garbage on either side of the orbit. Limit set is required on top of translatory door to prevent door slipping out of orbit. Without limit set, door will fall and cause accident if it slips out of orbit.
3¡¢ Installation and debugging steps are as follows:
£¨1£© Before debugging, remove plastic cover and disentangle worm wheel by disentangling key.
£¨2£© When installing shifting gear, leave enough clearance between shifting rack and gear in height, so that the whole progress of manual opening is also smooth and free.
£¨3£© Before welding alnico fix board, make clear of limit set. Testing method: disentangle worm wheel, move door midway, check electric connection and switch on power supply if no error found. If all turn sound, make worm wheel and worm joggle. Open the door by electromotion and close alnico to dry reed pipe limit control box. If the door stopped, then it shows that this fix board is for opening limit, otherwise, it is for closing limit. Refer to chart 4.
£¨4£© After welding alnico fix board, open the door at high speed by the opener, keep the distance between alnico and dry reed pipe 20¡À5¡£
£¨5£© Door opening and closing trial. Determinately weld fix board until a proper position found.
£¨6£© Adjust pressure regulating screw. If the door closing can be stopped by hand, and friction plate skid in time, then it shows the set is in normal working state.

VI Installation and Debugging in Free Flex Door
V220 door opener can also be applied to free flex door. For installation please refer to chart 5. Chain drive is suggested. Please note the following in installation:
1¡¢ Opening£¨closing£©speed 12m/min£¬output axis of opener left factory having chain wheel type 5 min, teeth 16z.
2¡¢ Opener base heavy enough, about 80Kg, otherwise it will skid and fail to drag the free flex door.
3¡¢ Limit switch installed under the base, alnico installed above cement ground, distance between them appropriate at 20mm.
4¡¢ Ground base construction of free flex door should take drainage in raining days into consideration, limit switch should be dampproof and strictly avoid water.

VII Maintenance
1¡¢ When using separating key, mustn't overexert, otherwise it will skid.
2¡¢ Voltage regulating screw can't be over tightened, otherwise friction part will lose its protection function.
3¡¢ Regularly check grounding of electric appliance every month.

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